• Albuquerque Dog Registers to Vote

    They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but that was before we started genetically engineering plants and animals to our specifications. Some day in humanity's future, when politics finally begins to bore us, we'll need to breed an intelligent, loving animal to take over our civic duties.

    Enter Buddy the dog

    An Albuquerque man says he successfully registered his dog to vote in Bernalillo County.

    The dog owner said he saw a voter registration booth on the University of New Mexico's campus a few weeks ago and decided to see how easy it would be to register his dog to vote.

    He said he was trying to expose the problems with the registration system. He said he just received the dog's voter registration card in the mail Wednesday, and it was way too easy.

    Buddy's owner, who remains unnamed, was alarmed that it had been so easy to commit voter fraud. State officials retaliated by saying they are under no law to confirm every application they receive, which immediately restored everyone's belief in the integrity of bureaucrats.

    Although Buddy's owner has no intention of voting with his dog's registration card, Buddy has made no such promises. If it was this easy for one dog to register, many more may try. Be afraid, Mitt Romney. Be very afraid.

    Photo by JHill Street Studios/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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