• Herman Cain Against Goldfish Genocide (or Something?) [VIDEO]

    Former GOP candidate and living joke Herman Cain may have left the campaign trail, but he hasn't left politics quite yet. We all thought his exit from the Republican race meant an end to his career as an amateur surrealist filmmaker.

    But, oh, how wrong we were. How wrong we were

    You see, our economy is like that sickly flailing fish, whose death is hastened by getting mud, or stimulus dollars, dumped on it. Cain can't win the presidency but he's still got a good shot at winning Best Student Film. The obvious metaphors, the ominous child, the inflated sense of self-importance — watch out, NYU film students, you've got some competition.

    It's still unclear why Herman Cain is observing this post-apocalyptic scenescape from a mountaintop. But it probably has something to do with the economy, right? Or the Lion King? Who knows. I guess he just needs to be 999 feet above sea level at all times.

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