• President Obama Killing Jobs with His Sexy Singing Voice

    barack obama profileFrom the Keystone Pipeline to the Affordable Care Act, President Obama just can't stop destroying jobs.

    It's like he kills another job every time he opens his mouth. Literally

    President Obama has made quite a name for himself as a vocalist lately, singing Al Green at the Apollo Theater and then belting out a blues tune at a White House concert.

    But at a New York fundraiser Thursday, Obama, noting the presence of John Legend, said that because he was there, "I will not sing tonight." Legend, apparently versed on the president's recent public vocal stylings, replied, "Don't steal my job."

    The White House claims the economy is on track to create two millions jobs in 2012, but what they didn't reveal is that President Obama will be taking all of them. He already has four full-time jobs as president, commander-in-chief, campaigner and sultry R&B crooner. What's another 1,999,996?

    That may be bad news for the legions of unemployed Americans out there, but they can always take comfort in the soothing vocal stylings of our sexy, sexy president.

    Photo by Kristoffer Tripplaar-Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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