• Mitt Romney Wins Washington State Caucuses

    Mitt RomneyDo you feel the Mittmentum blowing from the Pacific coast? If not, it's because you haven't heard the amazing news that Mitt Romney has captured a plurality of votes in a non-binding Washington state caucus poll, which is only tangentially related to  the selection of county delegates… who will in turn select state delegates that will in turn attend the national… Zzzzz…

    Mitt Romney gained a symbolic victory in Washington on Saturday, pulling down the most votes at the state's Republican precinct caucuses. Symbolic in the sense that he can claim another win heading into this week's Super Tuesday contests.

    Symbolic in the sense that he captured a plurality, but nowhere near a majority of votes in the statewide poll. U.S. Rep. Ron Paul and former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum each had about a fourth of the votes statewide…

    Symbolic in the sense that he didn't win any delegates needed for the GOP presidential nomination. The straw poll is an indication of support the candidates have among Republicans attending caucuses around the state, but it's nonbinding.

    But at least Mr. Excitement  himself was so overwhelmed with feeling that he managed to say something newsworthy: "We've just won our fifth state in a row with Washington State which is good news." It's Republican primary bingo! Ugh, please let it be Super Tuesday already.

    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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