• Rick Santorum's Support Going Limp in Ohio

    Rick santorumNot to get to Freudian here, but we just might have stumbled upon the root of Rick Santorum's longstanding, um… issues.

    The former senator — who just a few days ago, was up by double digits in tomorrow's big prize primary in Ohio — seems to be having some trouble finishing

    Two Ohio polls released today show Mitt Romney has momentum in the crucial state, but tomorrow's primary remains too close to call between the ex-Massachusetts governor and Rick Santorum.

    Romney leads Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator, 34% to 31% among likely GOP voters in the Quinnipiac University survey. Another new Ohio survey by Public Policy Polling shows Romney ahead of Santorum by 1 percentage point.

    The New York Times' poll guru Nate Silver currently gives Mitt Romney a 65 percent chance of winning the Buckeye State and points out that it's quite possible Romney could wrap up the entire primary season tomorrow night

    Indeed, Mr. Romney could secure the delegate majority even if he wins as few as 4 or 5 states, based on an analysis of the current polling in each state and the complex series of rules that are used to govern delegate allocation. This path involves Mr. Romney winning all or nearly all of the delegates in his strongest states, while getting a decent minority of them in the states that he does not win; many of which tend to have more proportional delegate allocation rules.

    This must be incredibly frustrating for Santorum. Can you imagine what it's like? You're going and going and going, and you've really worked yourself into a nice smooth rhythm. And then all of a sudden, you lose your focus for one moment and suddenly it's all gone. You fall out of the groove and, though you still go the the motions of completion, everything just starts to lag.

    I think this probably explains a lot.

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