• President Obama Starts a Twitter War with Aziz Ansari

    Iran's nuclear capabilities? Suck it! Gas nearing $5 a gallon? Uh… duh! The housing crisis? Big whoop! Meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu? Ishkabibble! President Obama has more important things to do. Namely starting Twitter beef with comedian Aziz Ansari…

    "I just want to remind him: I've got more Twitter followers than you, man," Obama said at a fundraiser last week in New York City. "I just want to keep him humble and hungry. We all need someone who does that; fortunately, I have Michelle."

    OH. SNAP. President Obama has approximately 11 million more followers than Ansari's measly 1.6M. Dayyyyyyyyyyyum! And a DOUBLE SNAP on Michelle! Guess she's never heard of  this holiday. Or maybe she has, and it's Matt Drudge that's never heard of it.

    Unfortunately, it's hard to be humble when the POTUS singles you out. Ansari responded by tweeting:

    Now that the President has some experience starting a war, maybe all those Republican hawks will back off on Iran. If only Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had a Twitter account…

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