• Barack Obama Once Hugged a Man, Just Like Stalin

    I knew that day we would yearn for the moment in our political discourse when we discussed the serious issues, like birth control and the contents of Rush Limbaugh's heart. That day has come.

    Last night on Sean Hannity, the world witnessed the release of the fabled that video would prove once and for all that Barack Obama is a Marxist-Leninist, a Black Nationalist, a kill-whitey-and-redistribute-his-wealth Liberation Theologian whose radical views have been kept hidden with the help of a complicit liberal media. Most of the tape had already been posted at Buzzfeed by Andrew Kacyznski and the footage turned out to be anodyne shots of then Harvard Law student Barack Obama speaking at a protest urging the hiring of more diverse faculty.

    But what that version of the video failed to show was a terrorist embrace, more commonly known as a hug, between Obama and professor Derrick Bell, a Critical Race Theory scholar and proponent of affirmative action…

    Sean Hannity began the segment showing the videos released this morning and explaining the context, before showing [professor Charles Ogletree] admitting to intentionally editing and then covering up the shot of President Obama hugging Professor Derrick Bell. "I hid this during the 2008 campaign — I don't care if they find it now!” Ogletree tells the audience to laughter, as he plays the clip.

    As implied by Hannity, when you hug someone, you also embrace all their views, forever.  And as someone born in the USSR, I can authoritatively confirm that hugging is responsible for 80% of all person-to-person transmission of communist ideology. This is a serious issue. From Stalin to Mao to Pol Pot, some of history's greatest monsters have hugged. It's past time we tamped down the war on drugs and focus on what really matters: the war on hugs.


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