• Barack Obama's Campaign Movie COMING SOON!

    This summer (May 15th)… a man (President Obama)… with everything to lose (the Presidency)… will have to learn what it takes (more money and power)… to win against a formidable foe (or at least a foe)… against all odds (in one Fox News poll)… with the help of a lovable but moronic sidekick (sorry, Biden)… and in the process, find himself (remember those 2008 campaign promises?).

    Narrated by Tom Hanks and directed by Academy Award winner Davis Guggenheim, this 17-minute documentary highlights/airbrushes the first four years of the Obama Presidency, depending upon your political bent.

    Not surprisingly, the Republican National Committee has already responded to the trailer, whining/saying

    "The American people don't need a movie trailer or a 17 minute documentary to know what the president accomplished over the past three years. Unfortunately Americans feel Obama’s accomplishments each and every day after President Obama led our country to higher unemployment, record debt, and higher gas prices. The question is what does another Obama term mean for America? From the promise of fewer jobs, tax increases, more debt, and the implementation of Obamacare, we literally cannot afford another four years of President Obama."

    We may literally not be able to afford another four years of President Obama, but you literally do not want to miss the most anticipated film event of the year! But don't take our word for it! Read these reviews…

    "A veritable tour de force! This is Vice President Biden's best performance yet!" – Vice President Biden, probably

    "The American people… need a movie trailer or a 17 minute documentary…" – The Republican National Committee, sort of

    Coming soon to a collapsing formerly great economic powerhouse near you.


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