• Joe the Plumber Wants More Seriousness, Less Questions

    Actual officially official congressional candidate  Sam "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher — who has apparently been too busy campaigning to find the time to buy himself a suit — is really upset with how unserious and gimmicky politics has become lately.

    Like, take this interview he did with CNN last night. Those smut-peddlers had the nerve to ask him to comment on a couple of words and sentences about how gay people are not fit to be near children that just so happen to have come out of his mouth.

    Can you believe they get away with this stuff…

    "So this is TMZ, this isn't CNN, is what you’re saying?" – Joe the Plumber

    Gotcha, CNN! You totally got gotted with your own gotcha question!

    Asking a potential congressional representative to comment on beliefs he holds that will likely affect the way on he'll vote?! Why not just go find footage of Lindsay Lohan peeing in a back alley behind a tattoo parlor?! It's the same exact thing!!!

    That's why it did my heart well to see Sam the Joe go straight over to Politico after his disastrous interview to talk about what jerks those CNN people are

    "I'm sick of the gossip and drama. There's real issues to work on. They want to take anything they disagree with me on to use it to twist it and use it to their gain and paint me in a in a light they want to paint me in. Let's… stop with the seventh grade shenanigans."

    He is so right! I mean, seriously, what's with all this, like, gossip and drama? Like, seriously! Seriously, guys! I'm serious! I mean, come on! That is so seventh grade!


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