• New Yorkers to Blame for Rick Santorum's Crazy Views

    The media is out to get Rick Santorum. Specifically, the evil New York media elites. You know, those free-loving socialists with their soy lattes, fancy college degrees and respect for women.

    They're always asking "gotcha" questions like, "What are your views on birth control?" and "Why did you say Satan is infiltrating America?" They just won't leave Santorum alone

    Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum on Thursday attributed the criticism of his socially conservative political beliefs to journalists and others living in New York.

    "The idea that values issues are losers is held by a group of people in the media who live in the New York area," he said in an interview with American Family Association's Bryan Fischer. "Because they don't know anybody or very few people who share those values, so they just assume the rest of the country is like them."

    Santorum also said the media tried to portray him as someone who wanted to impose his beliefs on the nation. "This is the kind of narrative they're trying to sell."

    It's all New York's fault. That time Santorum compared gay marriage to terrorism? New York was totally to blame.  That time he said he'd go to war with China. New Yorkers practically put the words in his mouth. That time he implied Hurricane Katrina victims should be punished for not evacuating? Stop it, New York. Stop making Rick Santorum say such horrible things.

    And anyway, it's just a tiny minority of women who believe in birth control. Just a measly 99 percent.

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