• Some of Mitt Romney's Best Friends Are Remote Islands

    "I think Mitt Romney is in a terrific position to win the nomination, but I'm deeply concerned about his strength among the Pacific Islander demographic," said absolutely nobody, ahead of Saturday's contests in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands and tomorrow's primary in American Samoa.

    However, if someone were to have such concerns, they were allayed by Romney's strong performances over the weekend, which offset Rick Santorum's near-sweep of the Kansas caucuses

    The campaign's tally shows Romney taking a total of 38 delegates on Saturday — nine each in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, seven in the Virgin Islands, seven in Kansas and at least six in Wyoming, where the final delegate count has yet to be determined.

    Santorum, according to the Romney camp's numbers, took 33 delegates in Kansas and at least one in Wyoming, but zero in the three U.S. territories, giving the former senator from Pennsylvania a total of 34 delegates for the day.

    Unlike tomorrow's vote in American Samoa, which Mitt Romney is expected to dominate thanks to the island's large LDS population, Romney doesn't have any personal connection to Guam, the Northern Marianas or the U.S. Virgin Islands. Other factors did work in his favor. He may not be an islander himself, but some of his friends no doubt own an atoll or two. He sends some of his favorite possessions on island vacations. And no doubt, the palm trees are just the right height.

    Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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