• Abortion-Themed Doonesbury Comic Censored, Boring

    Back in the 1950's, a comic strip about friendly swamp creatures called Pogo would dip into the murky waters of political commentary. When newspapers would refuse to run the strips, the creator, Walt Kelly, created innocuous "bunny strips" featuring fluffy rabbits, as a subtle nod to the readers informing them he was being censored.

    As we all know, subtlety died sometime in the '80s and comic strips are no exception. Doonesbury is currently running a week-long story arc about the current transvaginal ultrasound debate, featuring a seeking an abortion.

    Many newspapers, predictably, are dropping the strip. The Oregonian editors wrote an editorial explaining their decision…

    But in next week's strip, “Doonesbury” author Garry Trudeau, in our judgment, went over the line of good taste and humor in penning a series on abortion using graphic language and images inappropriate for a comics page.

    If they're worried that children will read the Doonesbury strips, THEY CAN STOP WORRYING! It's not like Garfield is getting a vasectomy. Kids don't read Doonesbury. The only people who read Doonesbury are people who used to be hippies. How bad can the strips be anyway?

    Thursday: In the stirrups, she is telling a nurse that she doesn’t want a transvaginal exam. Doctor says "Sorry miss, you’re first trimester. The male Republicans who run Texas require that all abortion seekers be examined with a 10" shaming wand." She asks "Will it hurt?" Nurse says, "Well, it's not comfortable, honey. But Texas feels you should have thought of that." Doctor says, "By the authority invested in me by the GOP base, I thee rape."

    Can't wait to hear wait Mallard Filmore has to say about this!

    Slightly unrelated, but does anyone remember that weird tone-deaf Peanuts cartoon with a firm stance against lax gun control laws? If you ever wanted to see Snoopy nonchalantly carrying an assault rifle, here's your chance!

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