• One of a Kind Candidate: Dan English, Idaho State House, Athol, ID

    We've all seen this movie. Despite the odds, the grizzled, world-weary veteran steps begrudgingly back into the ring for one last fight. As long as his weekends are free.

    "This isn't the most convenient time given the demands of family and vocation," Dan English said, announcing his campaign for the State House seat from Athol, Idaho. "#$@% it, I'll do it anyway," he never said, but will have said in our hearts forever.

    English's opponent, four-term incumbent Phil Hart, is better known for things he hasn't done than things he has done. This refers, of course, to filing tax returns. Hart says income tax is unconstitutional. The IRS says he owes more than $550,000 in back taxes, so the taxman wants to foreclose on his log home–which was built from timber Hart¬†stole from public land. Not only does a man who takes home a state wage avoid paying taxes, that home exists because he stole from public land, which again, is land that he doesn't pay for because he doesn't pay his taxes. This takes some massive Idaho potatoes.

    Still, English has a tough road ahead if he wants to win Athol's House seat–he's the first Democrat in a decade to make the attempt. He put it this way in his campaign announcement: "Running as a Democrat in Kootenai County, let alone in a district that has been judged to be among the reddest of the red districts in Idaho, is an uphill climb at best." Yes, Mr. English, it is. As it turns out, so is keeping a straight face when you say 'Athol.'

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