• Pacific Islands vs. Deep South: Which Matters More?

    It's no secret that Tuesday saw some big GOP primary shakeups, if you understand the word "shakeup" to mean — as I do — that everything went more or less predictably.

    In other words, Santorum topped the polls in deeply conservative Alabama and Mississippi, whereas Romney won in the notoriously liberal, apparently-eligible-to-vote Pacific islands of American Samoa and Hawaii.

    Which leads me to wonder, which elections were more important? Let's see how they stack up…

    Pacific Islands Deep South
    * Popular tourist destinations. * Get out while you still can.
    * Offer a wide array exotic and delicious foods. * Grits.
    * President Obama was born in Hawaii. * No he wasn't!
    * Movie "Pearl Harbor" depicted historical events taking place there. * No "Pearl Harbor." So, hey, there's that.
    * Voted for a winner. * Voted for this guy.

    Photos by Catatonique/Wikimedia Commons and John Chiasson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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