• It's Official: Mitt Romney Is a Bigger Loser Than John Kerry

    John KerryAfter failing to win Mississippi and Alabama, the latter of which seemed like a sure thing, Mitt Romney is officially a loser. Sure, he might be far ahead in the delegate count, but the prevailing mood among voters is that Mitt can't seal the deal .

    He's such a loser, in fact, that he's being slammed in the press by former aides of presidential loser par excellence John Kerry. According to David Wade, the Kerry campaign's national press secretary

    [O]ne 2012 meme sorely in need of fact-checking is the awkward parallel often drawn between John Kerry’s march and Mitt Romney’s long and bumpy slog toward their parties’ nominations… John Kerry didn’t limp to the Democratic nomination. Nor did he struggle consolidating his base the way Romney has.

    By the Iowa Jefferson-Jackson dinner in the fall of 2003, Kerry’s campaign had chosen a path to the nomination…That strategy proved successful. Kerry surged to win the Iowa caucuses by 6 points over his closet rival, John Edwards, who was himself surging on the crest of the all-important Des Moines Register endorsement. Moreover, Kerry topped presumptive Iowa frontrunner Vermont Gov. Howard Dean by 20 points and left Iowa with an approval rating of 77 percent among Democratic voters…

    Kerry went on to amass a won-loss record of 46-4. By July, Kerry-Edwards was besting Bush-Cheney nationally in NBC, CBS, Rasmussen, Zogby and AP polls.

    Wade makes some valid points. Romney's performance has been more unstable than Michele Bachmann.

    Romney is such a loser that even Walter Mondale would be offended by the comparison. If Rick Santorum wins the next several races, maybe he can lock up the nomination, and then shove Romney into a locker.

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