• Ann Romney Knows Why Women Are Upset

    At a breakfast in Illinois yesterday, Ann Romney took the stage while Mitt served the audience pancakes like a good little husband. Without any regard for the recent controversy about contraception, Mrs. Mitt Romney reminded everyone why women have been so up in arms lately

    "And I love it that women are upset, too, that women are talking about the economy, I love that," she said. "Women are talking about jobs, women are talking about deficit spending. Thank you, women. We need you. We all need you in November, too. We have to remember why we’re upset and what we’ve got to do to fix things."

    You see, Ann Romney has been travelling all around the country with her husband, and is just tickled pink to find out that women are allowed to talk about things and have opinions. But don't get the wrong idea — Mitt Romney later went onstage and specified what those opinions should be about…

    "You’ve got a lot of — you've got moms that are driving their kids to school and practice after school and other appointments and wonder how they can afford putting gasoline in the car, at the same time putting food on the table night after night," he said.

    That's what women are worried about, not that they will be called a slut if they try to get better access to birth control because they can't afford to have a large family. Having raised five children of their own, the Romneys must know how expensive it is.

    For instance, one time Ann Romney had to decide if she could afford to fly Tagg to varsity gold counting practice and pay their private chef to make caviar burgers. So, don't worry, she really gets why women are upset.

    Photo by Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

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