• Donald Trump Thinks Windmills Are "Disgusting"

    Listen, here at Indecision, we don't want to cover Donald Trump. We'd prefer that he return to the golden sewers he normally lurks in. But as long as the Donald keeps flapping that clownish piehole of his, we are morally obligated to write about him.

    While talking to Fox News' Neil Cavuto, Trump gave his uncensored views on green energy. Surprise, surprise. He's not a fan

    "Wind is destroying the environment in many, many places. People are going crazy over the horrible, noisy, disgusting windmills. And they are horrible and a horrible intrusion, ruining communities, and solar is weak and has not been effective and is very, very expensive," Trump said. "And there are just lots of other problems with many forms of energy. But we have — under our wonderful feet — we have natural gas the likes of which no other place has."

    Yes, and we can start with the gigantic bag of gas disguised as Donald Trump.

    The Dutch shouldn't take his comments too hard, though. A quick Google search reveals that Trump loves to throw around the d-word. Here are some of the many things Donald Trump has called "digusting" over the last few years…

    Rosie O'Donnell

    Anthony Weiner

    * New York City's Freedom Tower

    * President Obama's comment about American business people being lazy

    * Jon Huntsman's refusal to kiss any part of Trump's anatomy

    Donald Trump is an expert on what's "digusting." Just look at that hair.

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