• Eisenhower Family Says Ike's Memorial Is Too Sissified

    Nothing is more important to a man than his legacy, especially if his legacy is BEATING THE NAZIS AND USHERING IN THE FREE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT.

    That's why Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower's family is so upset with architect Frank Owen "Ephraim" Gehry's plans for the Washington D.C. Eisenhower memorial

    Susan Eisenhower said the design of the roughly 80-foot-tall statue, which would go on the National Mall, instead has a "Horatio Alger" narrative that portrays the late president as a "dreamy boy."

    According to the design plan, the estimated $100 million memorial park, framed by large metal tapestries depicting Eisenhower's boyhood home in Kansas, is a triptych containing one statue of a young Eisenhower marveling at two later bas-relief versions of himself.

    The family has said it finds the main theme of the memorial offensive to Eisenhower's legacy as a two-term president and a Supreme Allied commander during World War II.

    I, for one, see their point. Tapestries? C'mon! If you went back in time and told 10-year-old Eisenhower about this plan for his presidential memorial, he would shoot you with a BB gun loaded with bullets made from his baby teeth. Ike was no sissy "dreamy boy." The only dreams he had as a kid were about nuking Communist China, and that was decades before either even existed!

    The controversy over Gehry's design began after grandson David Eisenhower resigned from the Eisenhower Memorial Commission. Now, another group called The National Civic Art Society is directly opposing the plan, even hiring an attorney to do unnecessary stuff like this

    Justin Shubow, president of the group and an attorney who litigates cases alleging fraud by the federal government, issued a 154-page report on Sunday saying the memorial's "core of kitsch" is the solitary statue of Eisenhower depicting him "as a life-size barefoot young boy, a shrinky-dink tikey Ikey."

    Shrinky-dink tikey Ikey sounds like a great name for a toy from the 1950s, but not for a memorial to one of the greatest Republican presidents of the 20th century. In response to the hullabaloo, Gehry has agreed to be open to other ideas for the memorial. The best solution may be to have him design the memorial for Georgey-porgy Dubya instead.

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