• Send Your Congressman a Uterus of His Very Own

    Knitted Womb Government Free VJJFrom abortion to birth control, GOP congressmen spend way too much time worrying about women's uteruses. Now, thanks to the geniuses over at Government Free VJJ, you can help Republicans get their own set of lady parts to fuss over.

    With the slogan, "If they have their own, they can leave ours alone," the Snatchel Project urges women to take an Etsy-inspired stand by following these simple steps

    1. Knit or crochet a vagina or uterus

    2. Print a message to enclose
    (see below for a suggested message)

    3. Mail it to your male Senator or Congressional Representative
    (see the links to the right)

    4. We’re in the process of arranging hand delivery to congressional offices in Washington, until then, go ahead and mail yours in!

    5. Record your items in this spreadsheet so we can track which representatives still need to receive a "gift"!

    6. Don’t forget to thank your representative if he respects women and supports our rights.

    Turning feminist activism into a fun craft project is a great idea. Look at all those little crocheted vaginas and vulvas. It almost makes the GOP's intense hatred of women look cute.

    But who knows. This whole movement might be a waste of time. If it really takes off, Republicans will just ban federal funding to the yarn industry.

    Photo by MK Carroll via knitty.com

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