• Women Mock Rick Perry with Questions About Menstruation

    Remember Rick Perry? Somehow, a strategy of "I'm the governor of Texas, what could possibly go wrong if I'm elected president?" failed to elicit sufficient support in the Republican primary, so Perry is back in Texas, executin' convicts and cuttin' government services.

    The latest Perry victim isn't the Texas education system, which would have been an understandable target given how badly it failed him as a youth, but the Medicaid-funded Women's Health Program, which delivers mammograms and other cancer screenings to low-income women. Under a law signed by Perry earlier this month, Planned Parenthood was excluded from participating in Texas's program due to its provision — using private funds — of abortion services. As a result, the federal government is withholding its $35 million contribution, 90% of the program's total funding.

    So where will the 130,000 women who depended on Planned Parenthood clinics turn to for their healthcare needs? To Perry himself, obviously. Women have been flooding Perry's Facebook page with extremely graphic questions about their menstrual cycles and other exciting vaginal adventures:

    I just hope no one asks more than two things!

    Screen capture via Facebook.com/Photo by Jonathan Gibby/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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