• President Obama Is More Internet Famous Than the GOP Candidates

    barack obama profileElections are like popularity contests. And so far, President Obama is winning. On the Internet, at least

    More adults visited President Barack Obama's campaign website in January than the four Republican hopefuls combined. That's according to Nielsen Co., which analyzed voter-aged traffic to the official presidential campaign websites.

    About 4.2 million people visited Obama's site, compared to 830,000 for Ron Paul's and 773,000 for Mitt Romney's. Just 696,000 people visited Rick Santorum's site and 609,000 visited Newt Gingrich's.

    Sure, Obama's approval ratings might be lagging, but he's almost as famous as Keyboard Cat.

    In fairness to the GOP candidates, their supporters probably don't even know what an Internet is. Perhaps if they change their website names to America Online, Netscape or the Google, Republican voters will finally be able find them.

    Or maybe the GOP hopefuls can take a lesson from the Huffington Post to boost their page views. Just use 72-point font and publish a gallery of upskirt photos of Newt Gingrich.

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