• New Hampshire Republicans More Progressive on Marriage Equality Than Barack Obama

    Let's talk about New Hampshire.

    It's a place where State House Republicans command a 3-1, 189-seat advantage over the Democrats. Its legislature takes time out to consider bills that would enshrine the Magna Carta as an authority on civil rights legislation, promote creationism in schools and make it more difficult to prosecute domestic violence. It's a state where a legislator recently dropped one of his loaded guns during a committee hearing — it's all good, he carries two at all times! — after donating blood had made him "loopy."

    Yet to their credit, Granite State Republicans recognize some ideas, like denying gay and lesbian couples the right to be as miserable as the rest of us, are too crazy, even for New Hampshire

    After two hours of debate and 10 votes, the House Wednesday decided to keep the state's gay marriage law in place. After voting down several amendments and a motion to table the bill, the House members finally decided to kill House Bill 437 on a 211-116 vote…

    "These folks are just people just like you are, they want the same things you do," said Rep. Michael Ball, R-Manchester. "This bill needs to be put down. Put this dog down like it deserves to be." But supporters said the bill would simply return the state to the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.

    "Who is next in line? The animal lovers can't be too far behind. Once you open the word to redefinition, it's open to redefinition," said Rep. Warren Groen, R-Rochester. "We are indeed on a slippery slope and we are indeed at the edge of the cliff."

    Rick Santorum has a potential running mate in Warren Groen, but it's also true that an astounding 119 votes in favor of preserving equality came from Republicans  (the state's Democratic governor and Democratic legislators also overwhelmingly opposed repealing marriage). Which would place many New Hampshire Republicans in a more progressive position than President Barack Obama, whose views on the issue are still "evolving." It's all part of his natural selection-inspired 2012 campaign slogan, Very Gradual Change We Are Forced to Believe In Because the Alternative Is Mitt Romney.

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