• Newt Gingrich Just Ignoring the Press Now

    Newt GingrichLet's say you're a miserable failure of a presidential candidate and the press keeps reporting on how much of a miserable failure you are. How should you respond? Reshuffle your staff? Roll out some new ads? Go on a media blitz?

    Nope, just ban the press

    Newt Gingrich's campaign held a press availability after an appearance at Big Al's Seafood Restaurant in Houma. But national press weren't allowed in, only local media — a practice that the has become more common lately in Gingrichland.

    Campaign press secretary R.C. Hammond barred the national press corps from entering the avail, standing in front of the room where it was to be held. When reporters asked him why they weren't allowed in and local media were, Hammond responded, "Because you ask the same questions every day" and called them "complainers"…

    His objections, however, may be more to his own candidate's lack of discipline than to the press. Gingrich has been unable to avoid engaging in self-defeating monologues about obscure matters of process and personal grievance, and engaging in extended colloquies with television figures on the campaign trail.

    Newt's old beat reporters were always nagging him to announce where he was going everyday, to comment on controversial statements and explain why he wouldn't just drop out of the race. But these fresh new local reporters don't care about Newt's flaws. They just want to know how he likes it down there at the annual county gumbo cook-off.

    Given Newt's history of infidelity, the national press probably should have assumed he'd eventually start cheating on them with local reporters like this.

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