• Read an Excerpt from Arlen Specter's New Erotic Novel

    With the glut of political memoirs out there, it's hard for legislators to make their books stand out. When you've led a life of congressional hearings, policy discussions and campaigning, let's face it, your life is kind of boring.

    But there is one sure-fire way to spice of a memoir — sex. Just take a look at these passages from Arlen Specter's new book

    Once, during lengthy waits for massages while we used a temporary gym in the Dirksen Building, I was walking undressed to the last table. Another senator, also naked, walked briskly, perhaps at a slight run, and slipped in ahead of me. That was something that senators just don't do.…

    [Palin] was a total charmer, very friendly. The few things she said were intelligent. We were sitting virtually knee to knee in the cramped bus, and she radiated sensuality. Her skirt rode above her knees — not exactly short, but close…

    [Sen.] John Thune, who looked like a movie star in or out of clothes, was constantly stretching. His lanky body seemed to have some kinks to iron out.

    In those steamy sentences, you can really feel Specter's burning desire to return to an era of civility in the Senate. By the time he left in 2011, all courtesy and collegiality had been completely blown away, like Nancy Pelosi's skimpy sundress on a windy D.C. day.

    Of course, Specter didn't have the hots for all his fellow legislators. He likens the image of Sen. Ted Kennedy getting into a hot tub to "a gigantic walrus… plung[ing] into the sea." Well, Kennedy was supposedly a giant of the Senate.

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