• Barack Obama Tries to Explain Yesterday's Hot Microphone Gaffe

    barack obamaRemember yesterday when Barack Obama was caught on mic telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he would sell all of the U.S.'s first born sons to Soviet Russia to work in their plutonium mines (or something very similar) just as soon the election was over? Well, now he's apparently trying to spin his way out of it.

    Typical of a guy who wants to sell all of our first born sons to Soviet Russia to work in their plutonium mines, if you ask me

    President Barack Obama offered an extended explanation here Tuesday of the hot mic moment that caught him asking Russia's president for some "space" and "flexibility" until after November's election.

    "The only way I get this stuff done is If I'm consulting with the Pentagon, with Congress, if I've got bipartisan support and frankly, the current environment is not conducive to those kinds of thoughtful consultations," Obama told reporters following a meeting with the presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan. "I think the stories you guys have been writing over the last 24 hours is pretty good evidence of that."

    Nice try, Mr. President. But if this is true, who is Soviet Russia going to use to to work in their plutonium mines, huh?

    You don't have an answer for that one, do you?

    Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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