• One of a Kind Candidate: Scott Ready, City Council, Hardeeville, SC

    Ballot write-in

    Scott Ready dotted his I's and crossed his T's and marked himself "elected" instead of "candidate" on his filing form ahead of the May 8 city council election in Hardeeville, SC. Maybe he thought it's just a matter of checking a box to win a race, but as it turns out there's that whole election process that gets in the way.

    Ready was kicked off the ballot for his error, even though he says he responded in time to correct the mistake. Now, instead of throwing in the towel, he's undertaking a write-in campaign, putting his fate into the hands of the spell-check dependent public. Luckily, Scott Ready is a name most people can handle. Our sympathies to the write-in campaigns for Janet February, Wilford Their and Deborah Colonel.

    Still, Ready could probably use some help with name recognition, so, free of charge, we're offering copy for his first media blitz: "Ladies and gentlemen, SCOTT your engines and let’s get READY to rumble." Or maybe: "READY or SCOTT, here I come." Or this soon-to-be-classic: "Go SCOTT yourself, Sheila, this marriage took two to fall apart. Aren't you READY to be happy again? I'm moving in with the babysitter."

    But there's more than a mere write-in campaign brewing down in Hardeeville (population 2,952): Ready is also calling for an investigation into the Hardeeville Election Commission, which just so happens to be chaired by the mother-in-law of his opponent. Talk about small-town intrigue! Then again, aren't all mothers-in-law the same, what with their constant nagging for pictures of their grandchildren, or grandchildren to have pictures of, and potential election violations?

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