• Legislator Morphs into Terrifying Hoodlum Before Congress' Eyes

    This morning while addressing the House, Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) somehow managed to transform himself from a harmless-looking politician in a nicely tailored suit into an unwieldy hoodie-wearing drugged-up urban youth right before the awe-struck eyes of Congress!

    Oh my god! I've never seen such a thing! I can't imagine how they felt in the room. I wouldn't be surprised if several of them suffered minor cardiac arrests. I was briefly concerned that this ghetto gangsta would jump through my computer monitor and eat Skittles at me!

    Watch for yourself, but be forewarned. It is quite disturbing footage…

    Luckily, Rep. Gregg Harper had the wherewithal to keep his shit together long enough to have this thing that used to be Rep. Rush pulled off the floor and — most likely — shot down.

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