• Mitt Romney's Campaign Is Funded by Pink Slime

    As a fabulously rich man, Mitt Romney could bankroll his own presidential campaign. But, like most candidates, he's getting cash funneled to him through Super PACs run by equally fabulously rich men.

    If this all seems a little slimey, it should. Romney's funds are literally coming from slime

    The company at the center of a national controversy over ammonia-treated beef byproducts — known in the media as "pink slime" — is headed by a major donor to Mitt Romney's political action committees.

    Beef Products Inc., which has suspended operations at several plants due to criticism of its products, was founded by Eldon Roth – a prominent Midwestern businessman who has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to pro-Romney groups.

    Roth hosted a fundraiser for Romney in Sioux Falls last fall, according to the Associated Press. And the Washington Post reported last year that Roth and his wife, Regina, cut $190,000 in checks to Romney's network of state-level PACs in 2010.

    Mmm. Ammonia-treated cow trimmings. Just like Mom used to make… and then get cancer from. Nothing says America like a big slab of low-grade texturized beef-like product.

    Knowing Santorum, he'll probably just attack Romney because the slime is pink.

    Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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