• Paul Ryan Endorses Mitt Romney, Goading Democrats to Make Boring Ads [VIDEO]

    Powerful scion of the Addams family and chairman of the House Budget committee Paul Ryan isn't like all those profiles in courage who wait until after their state has held a primary to resign themselves to the inevitable meh-mentum of Mitt Romney.

    No, Ryan only waits until Romney has taken a 7% lead in the Wisconsin polls, endorsed Ryan's budget agenda and undermined many of his centrist credentials, before offering a glowing let's-get-this-primary-over-with endorsement

    "It's clear to me he understands the fork in the road America is facing," Ryan said of Romney on Fox News. He knows "I also think he has the best chance of winning, of defeating President Obama in the fall."

    When asked whether he's talked with Romney serving as vice president should Romney win the nomination, Ryan said, "We've never discussed that at all" and insisted "my focus has been on the budget.

    Never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity, the Democratic National Committee released a web ad prior to Ryan's endorsement, which sought to link Romney's and Paul's economic agendas and appeal to seniors' by massacring Dean Martin's signature song…

    A few years ago, this would have been state of the art. But the bar has been raised. I'm not going to be satisfied until I hear a child intone, "this is your grandmother…this is your grandmother on Paul Ryan's Medicare plan…any questions?" as a hopefully-CGIed elderly lady is skeet-shot by a Romney and Ryan lookalikes.

    Photo by T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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