• Donald Trump Begs World to Take Him Even Less Seriously

    Donald TrumpDonald Trump — who thinks that windmills are "disgusting," remains unconvinced that Barack Obama was born in the United States¬†and fires people professionally on national television — has a problem. Despite all his best efforts, he's still dogged by an annoying residue of respectability. Man, what does a guy gotta do to become a complete laughing stock?

    You've got to admit, at this point it does seem fairly impossible for Donald Trump to make himself even more ridiculous than he already is. Oh wait, what's this?

    In a Monday interview on Fox News, the reality star explained that a series of casual observations had led him to the conclusion that "monster" vaccinations cause autism.

    Well, played, Mr. Trump. Well played.

    "I've gotten to be pretty familiar with the subject," Trump said. "You know, I have a theory — and it's a theory that some people believe in — and that's the vaccinations. We never had anything like this. This is now an epidemic. It's way, way up over the past 10 years. It's way up over the past two years. And, you know, when you take a little baby that weighs like 12 pounds into a doctor's office and they pump them with many, many simultaneous vaccinations — I'm all for vaccinations, but I think when you add all of these vaccinations together and then two months later the baby is so different then lots of different things have happened. I really — I've known cases."

    Unfortunately, I don't think that this is going to have the desired result for Trump. Unfortunately, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, there are still a depressing number of people out there will continue to hang on to thing threads of respect for Trump after this. I mean, even Michele Bachmann wasn't able to completely destroy her career by dropping the vax bomb.

    How about loud nudity and public masturbation? That idea's got some potential.

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