• Mitt Romney Thinks He's Running Against Mitt Romney

    With Mitt Romney as the Republican presidential candidate, it's not really much of a surprise that accusations of being "a little out of touch" are gonna get thrown around.

    I just didn't expect the accusations to be coming from Romney

    "Years of flying around on Air Force One, surrounded by an adoring staff of true believers telling you what a great job you are doing, well, that might be enough to make you a little out of touch," Romney said.

    Steve Benin looks a little closer at this new line of attack that Romney rolled out in his victory speech last night

    It's a basic idea we've all seen many times. A politician and his or her team identify their biggest weaknesses and then start accusing their rival of being guilty of that same thing. Mitt Romney seems eager to perfect this technique.

    Romney's most glaring policy problem is his abysmal jobs record — he failed in Massachusetts and orchestrated mass layoffs at his vulture-capital firm — so he accuses President Obama of failing to create jobs. Romney intends to end Medicare and replace it with a voucher scheme, so he accuses Obama of undermining Medicare. Romney favors European-style austerity and spent several years in France, so he accuses Obama of wanting to turn the U.S. into Europe.

    You can't really blame Romney for trying this. His own flaws are just too easy to point. Why should he be the only one who can't profit from that?

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