• Nobody Wants to Be Mitt Romney's Super Fan

    Did you know that for a mere $20.12 you can brand yourself as a Mitt Romney "Super Fan"? If you're one of somewhere around 350 people, that's probably a somewhat non-offensive prospect

    The campaign has looked for them, selling official "Mitt Romney Super Fan" T-shirts for $30 apiece. At last count, it had sold 346. Rick Santorum, by contrast, has sold 3,000 of his $100 souvenir sweater vests.

    That seems like a really low number for such a not-terrible looking t-shirt. Why do you think it's doing so poorly? 

    Designed exclusively for Mitt's most passionate supporters, the "Super Fan" shirt can be yours for a donation of $20.12 or more today.

    Oh, well that explains everything. In retrospect, that number's actually shockingly high.

    (via BuzzFeed)

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