• Mitt Romney Pissed Off Breast-Feeding Advocates in Massachusetts

    Last week, Mitt Romney's campaign sought to portray him as a compassionate, pro-woman family man. But it looks like he's still going to be a hard sell for female voters in the general election. In fact, not only does he seem to harbor disdain for women, doesn't even seem to like their breasts.

    According to this gem unearthed by Buzzfeed, Romney angered breast-milk advocates during his time as governor of Massachusetts

    In 2006 the Massachusetts Department of Public Health sought to become the first state in the nation to ban giveaways women typically receive after giving birth. The gifts were generally a bag, sponsored by the baby formula companies, that contained infant formula along with coupons and other various items for newborns.

    The Department of Public Health contended they were part of a corporate effort to stop women from breastfeeding their newborns and that breastfeeding was the healthier option…

    Romney attacked the decision by the Department of Public Health as an intrusion of big government saying… "Let's let the moms decide."

    Maybe Romney just thinks breasts are scary. As a devout Mormon, he probably didn't see his first nipple until he was married.

    Despite its consequences for women and children's health, Romney's decision not to ban corporate-sponsored giveaways fits his overall pro-business ideology. Romney is deep in the pocket of Big Baby Formula, unlike Newt Gingrich, who is simply a big baby.

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