• Mitt Romney Adopts "Gay" Voice, Misuses Yiddish

    Hands down, the breakout star of the 2012 election has been the blogosphere. Between Buzzfeed's found-footage savant, Andrew Kaczynski and all the talented folks at Gawker and Politico, bloggers have left no stone unturned and no offhand remark unmocked.

    Today, Gawker introduced the inaugural column of "The Fox Mole," a disgruntled Fox News employee who will be leaking fun behind-the-scenes videos, like this one of Mitt Romney affecting a stereotypically "gay" voice

    From the bottom of our cold, dead comedy-blogger hearts, we thank you, Fox Mole. Hopefully this clip is just the first of many videos that will offer an entertaining window into the inner workings of Mitt Romney's circuit boards.

    If you watch the whole clip, you'll see Romney discuss his wife's passion for the totally down-to-earth sport of horseback riding and then dismiss the pink tie he's offered as too "Donald Trump." When told that if he doesn't switch ties, he'll be perceived as wearing the same thing two nights in a row, Romney says, it's fine with him, he'll "look like a schlep."

    Unfortunately, Romney is only slightly better at Yiddish than Michele Bachmann. A schlep is a tedious or difficult journey. As in, the GOP primary has been such a schlep. What he probably meant to say was schlub, a stupid, talentless or unattractive person. As in, that Newt Gingrich is such a schlub. Why is he still schlepping along in this primary?

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