• Paul Ryan's Budget Supported by Invisible Democrats

    Believe it or not, there's actually a whole lot of Democratic support for Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan to social programs in favor of tax cuts for the wealthy. In fact, a good number of Democrats have come up to him to tell him that they support him.

    Only, you can't see them. Because they're invisible. And they talk in very quiet whispers directly into Ryan's ear. Magical Democratic pixie whispers

    House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan told reporters in New York today that a dozen elected Democrats secretly support his plan to cut entitlement spending and privatize some benefits — but he wouldn't name "because I don't' want to get them in trouble."

    Ryan cited Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, with whom he developed a Medicare reform plan, as one Democrat with whom he could work, and said, "I believe there is a bipartisan consensus emerging on going this direction."…

    "I’m not going to out Democrats who I believe are in office, who are favorably disposed to these ideas, for their own sake and for the sake fo getting this consensus realized," Ryan said at the gathering hosted by Bloomberg View in Manhattan Tuesday morning.

    Whatever you do, do not deny the existence of these invisible Democrats. Because that makes them very very mad. And then they'll eat us.

    Photo by T.J. Kirkpatricky/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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