• Allen West: 80 House Democrats Are Members of the Communist Party

    This campaign cycle is the worst sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine, ever. At least the '80s gave us E.T. and Super Mario Bros. Our present 1950s time warp is all about retrograde attitudes toward women, trouble with Russia and, naturally, a dollop of McCarthyism.

    The latter comes courtesy of Florida Republican and Sarah Palin's preferred Vice Presidential nominee Allen West, who told constituents at a Tuesday town hall in Palm City that he's "heard" that up to 80 of his Democratic colleagues in the House are Communist Party members. There's no word on whether he held a list of Democratic-Communists in his hand, but the Palm Beach Posts reports that "he wouldn't name names."

    West's comments are setting off a storm of snark, but it's important to remember that "up to 80" could mean "zero." As in, up to 10 Florida Congressmen have had carnal relations with dolphins. Up to 30 Senate Democrats drink the blood of aborted babies for brunch. Up to 80 House Republicans masturbate to pictures of Newt Gingrich cuddling with zoo animals.

    If you're going to speak in mathematical inequalities, you have to precise. As in, more than zero but less than two Florida congressmen have left the military after being charged with the torture of an Iraqi police officer.

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