• Farmer Pecked to Death by Chickens in New Herman Cain Ad [VIDEO]

    Remember Herman Cain? You know, that avant-garde filmmaker who keeps attacking the stimulus despite ample evidence that it saved our country from economic disaster?

    I think he might have been a serious presidential candidate once, but now he just makes chicken snuff films

    "Any questions?" Yeah, I've got a few. Like, what is Herman Cain smoking? Probably the same stuff as his shady adviser.

    It's nice to see the Cain Train still chugging along to hallucination station. Those "special effects" with the skeleton arm were about as expertly designed as Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan.

    Oddly, the most disturbing element of that video is not the fact that a man gets eaten alive by ravenous chickens. It's that the guy who made it was once the GOP's number-one choice to lead the free world. It's OK, though. We've got Mitt Romney now. With Romney, there's no danger of getting pecked to death. Just bored to death.

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