• Obama Is Too Thin, Say People Who Need More Internet Traffic

    Is everyone tired of gossiping about the latest picture of that movie star, musician, model, Southern chef or New Jersey Governor? Of course not. That's why the Founding Fathers put the freedom to dissect people's personal appearance into the Bill of Rights. Speaking of which, have you seen¬†President Obama¬†lately…

    Already engaged in a strenuous re-election battle, spiking gas prices and a fragile economy appear to be taking a toll on Barack Obama.

    Obama, 50, was pictured at a campaign event in Florida today looking a little worse for wear, looking extremely tired and frail, his shoulders narrower than usual.

    The photo was splashed atop the Drudge Report website with the headline: SHOCK PHOTOS: Obama, Thin And Wasting Away.

    As the figurehead of this great nation, it's the president's duty to project an image that properly represents its citizens, the people who don't get enough sleep because they're really stressed out about the economy and health care. So… he pretty much nailed it.

    But that's where President Obama's likeness to a majority of Americans ends. He seems to handle stress by getting thinner. It's almost like he doesn't even want to be a contestant on The Biggest Loser once he's out of office…

    Much like Adele, Jessica Simpson and Miley Cyrus, weight has been a key issue for Obama in the eyes of the media since he became the Democratic presidential nominee in 2008.

    But since he was elected, both the president and First Lady Michelle Obama have made healthy living a focal point of their time in the White House.

    Wait a minute, story invented by the media, what does President Obama have in common with three young, female pop stars who have been eviscerated on the internet for not being a size 2? A set of velvet pipes is the only similarity I see.

    If the President is exhausted, it's only because he was trying to impress the Harlem Globetrotters over Easter (above).

    Besides, President Obama isn't the only politician who has been tired lately.

    Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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