• Herman Cain's Tax Revolution Is a Thing That's Happening

    Herman Cain

    Herman Cain, why did America's comedians ever doubt you? You're just as much fun out of the presidential race as you were in it.

    Everyone else: I should probably be more specific. I'm not talking about some weird Herman Cain ad where a farmer gets pecked to death by murderous chickens as part of a high-concept, avante-garde critique of the federal government; that was yesterday.*

    No, I'm talking about Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Patriot Summit in Washington, D.C. Which is part of "Cain's Revolution on the Hill." Which is a tax week event that's apparently meant to protest taxes. Which are things people pay to the government so it can pave roads and bomb the Middle East.

    But still, most of the scheduled events are suspiciously normal-sounding. Like Sunday's "Registration & Welcome Cocktail Reception" and Monday's "Lunch Break." The only thing that sounds even a little promising is Monday's 8 a.m. "Registration & Training Breakfast."

    It's unclear what would constitute training for a Herman Cain-organized event that he's calling a "revolution." But I've got a feeling it might involve Batman; I don't think he's done any Batman things yet.


    *Or an earlier ad where rabbits are shotgunned out of the air as part of a similar critique. Man, Herman Cain is weird.

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