• Senate Dems Psyched to Lose Buffett Rule Fight, Over and Over Again

    It's exciting days ahead for Senate Democrats. They've got this shiny toy to play with called the Buffett Rule, and it looks like they're gonna get to play with it a lot between now and November.

    In case you're not familiar, the Buffett Rule is a piece of legislation — which theoretically would force millionaires to pay at 30 percent in taxes — which is never ever never never ever ever never never ever ever going to be passed by the Senate

    After months of build-up, the Senate will vote on legislation that enshrines the "Buffett Rule" — the principle that no one who makes more than $1 million a year should pay a lower effective tax rate than an average, middle-class American.

    The bill is set to fail, on a party-line vote, thanks to a Republican filibuster — and thus illustrate to voters where the two parties’ priorities truly lie… Voting for the rule would explicitly violate the anti-tax pledge nearly every Republican lawmaker has taken. As such, the GOP is attacking it in myriad ways, and even endangered moderates,such as Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA), are expected to oppose it.

    So, you see, it's not so much a well-crafted piece of legislation as it is a decent-enough political cudgel that Democratic senators can use to slam over the heads of Republicans. Over and over again. Until Election Day. It's never going to pass, because it was never intended to pass. If they wrote the legislation in a way that it could maybe pass, then it might pass, and that wouldn't be good for anybody. So, instead they've built a perfectly feckless machine.

    And I can't think of any group better-suited for the task.


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