• One of a Kind Candidate: Ginger Crapse, City Council, Williamsburg, VA

    Ginger Crapse is running for city council in Williamsburg, Virginia, our country's vital source of Civil War blacksmithing re-enactors and candle-dippers. Her professional qualifications include owning a bed and breakfast, making miniature military figurines for museums, and probably being a character from a Wes Anderson movie. That's meant to sound charming, not snarky. The Internet is hard.

    Right now, Colonial Williamsburg is full of Crapse ideas (sorry). For starters, she wants to improve the sidewalks for motorized scooters. If this woman can get an army of scooters to parade behind her, Wes Anderson will be required by law to make her campaign ads. A B&B-owning miniatures crafter backed by a squad of scooters IS his delicately-arranged wheelhouse.

    Crapse herself (sorry) is a bit of a longshot since she's up against three incumbents. Also, an opponent characterized her as a "Tea Party type," and once you get that on your shirt, it's hard to wash off. Is it fair to say we've reached the expiration date of putting up with Tea Partiers? I mean, aren't people tired of seeing adults walk around in tri-cornered hats… oh. Right. Williamsburg, Virginia. And Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

    But get a load of Crapse (sorry). She says she's no Tea Partier, she just digs that sweet Constitution. If only there were a way to prove she isn't a Tea Partier! If only she could distance herself from everything we seem to know about Tea Party candidates! Speaking about her opponents, Crapse said, "I don’t have anything against the three incumbents, they are all nice people." Yep, that'll do.

    Photo by Pasotraspaso. Jesus Solana/Flickr/Getty Images

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