• Newt Gingrich Is More Delusional Than Ever

    Newt GingrichHey, reporters. Stop asking Newt Gingrich so many stupid questions. For the last time: No, he will not drop out of the race. No, he still can't win. No, he doesn't have a backup plan. And no, he doesn't care at all

    Campaigning in Pennsylvania with one-week left before the state's primary, Newt Gingrich acknowledged he has no "Plan B" and downplayed one of his top surrogate's call for him to exit the presidential race.

    Asked if he is thinking about what he will do if he does not get the nomination – what his "Plan B" would be – Gingrich brushed it off.

    "I don't worry about that right now. I'm focused on the nomination," Gingrich said following remarks at the Lancaster County GOP Dinner here. "I'm quite happy with Plan A, frankly."

    Looks like Newt Gingrich is as good at running a campaign as he is staying married. Newt should really have a Plan B, since his campaign deserves to be aborted.

    Although it's understandable that Newt might not want to think about his political future. With a Fox News gig off the table, his post-primary career choices are a bit limited. There's amateur zookeeperprofessional Amazon reviewer and of course, Moon Man.

    Sadly, he's too told for one of those lucrative child-janitor positions.

    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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