• Marco Rubio Too Nice to Immigrants to Be Romney's VP?

    Marco RubioUnless you've been living in a cave for the last few months, you've probably heard the name "Marco Rubio" come up quite a bit in the context of VP speculation. And if you have been living in a cave, then I have some bad news: Your favorite candidate, Ron Paul, will not win the nomination this year.

    Since Rubio is Latino and hails from the crucial swing state of Florida, he seems like the perfect running mate for Romney. There's only one problem. He has reasonable views on immigration

    Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has thrust himself into the raging illegal immigration debate, proposing a plan that would create a path to legal status for children of illegal immigrants — putting him at odds with an immoveable wing of the Republican Party on this issue.

    It’s a risky move for a potential vice presidential candidate, and it puts presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney in a pickle as he may have to decide whether to back an immigration plan rolled out by one of the party’s rising Hispanic stars, or stick to the strident anti-illegal immigrant positions he staked out during the Republican primary…

    Rubio’s version [of the DREAM Act] does not have a citizenship option, as Democrats propose, but it would open the door for children of illegal immigrants who have completed high school to be awarded "non-immigrant visas" before obtaining a more permanent status. The Romney camp is closely watching Rubio's moves on immigration.

    Yes, Romney wouldn't want Rubio to treat immigrants too humanely. Perhaps if undocumented workers declared themselves to be corporations, the GOP would treat them like actual people. You know, with actual lives, families and career goals.

    Hopefully, Romney can look past the DREAM Act and give Rubio a shot. After all, Romney and Rubio are very similar. They're both ashamed of their Mormonism, look great in suits and have no definable personality. Sounds like a match made in non-denominational Christian heaven.

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