• Ron Paul Video Game Is on Like Donkey Kong

    Video game addicts and Ron Paul supporters are two separate tribes. One group enjoys playing in well-crafted fantasy worlds in which gold coins often represent the main unit of value and absolutely anything can happen, no matter how absurd. The other guys like video games.

    Now, thanks to programmer Daniel Williams, the fancifulness of Paul's campaign will meet with the hard-coded realism of gaming in The Road to REVOLution, a scrolling platformer designed in the style of Super Mario Brothers.

    According to the game's Kickstarter page, which has already exceeded its fundraising goal, the user will assume the role of Ron Paul as he makes his way across 50 levels — one, for every state — collecting delegates and, of course, gold. Along the way, players will face 13 boss fights, "representing each branch of the Federal Reserve and a Final Boss."

    While the game won't be ready until July, that's only an inconvenience for those of us who aren't on board with the Paul campaign. Many of his supporters are already regular visitors to the Mushroom Kingdom, if you know what I mean.

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