• Newt Gingrich Judges Tumblr Dedicated to Newt Gingrich

    The Newt Gingrich presidential campaign has one fifth the number of delegates already allocated to Mitt Romney, owes $4 million in various debts and is struggling to poll above 15% in national surveys. Basically, the campaign suffers from every malady short of cancer, which is why Newt refuses to leave it.

    So like most Americans with lots of debt and no clear prospects for gainful employment, Gingrich now spends his time on the Internet, Googling himself and expressing fundamental disappointment with the results

    His domineering scowl and jowly, professorial lecturing were familiar presences, and since there was a press corps that followed him everywhere, instances were frequently recorded. And in those days, the conservative blogger Ben Domenech created a Tumblr devoted to such images with humorous captions. And he called it "Newt Judges You," in homage to the most common expression on the former Speaker's face…

    Somehow, Domenech managed to get a picture of Gingrich himself looking at Newt Judges You. True to form, the Georgian delivered a facial expression capturing his fundamental incredulity and pitying condescension at the silliness of the world.

    It was a frankly profound moment in the history of the Internet, which is clearly less a series of tubes than a serpent eating its own tail.

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