• GOP Primary Continues to Inspire Record Levels of Apathy

    Since Rick Santorum dropped out of the GOP primary two weeks ago, it's been kind of a one-man race. Sure, Newt Gingrich keeps chugging along, huffing and puffing and sweating like he's just eaten a spicy meatball sub. But, as even he has begun to acknowledge, the race is over, and Mitt Romney has won.


    Voters in the Northeast aren't embracing to the better-than-expected weather Tuesday, with election officials across the region reporting exceedingly light turnout in primary contests across five states…

    [T]urnout remains light in the Keystone State — and across the Northeast — lending a high volatility in some of the day's most interesting races…

    According to Delaware Election Commissioner Elaine Manlove, fewer than 1,000 absentee ballots had been submitted before Tuesday, and reports there said turnout "is very light." "I think people probably think it's a done deal"…

    If Gingrich is unable to prevail in Delaware, Tuesday night could also signal the beginning of the end for his struggling campaign.

    Yes, tonight is the beginning of the end. As opposed to the last four months, when Newt lost one primary after another, with the exception of his home state of Georgia. If you think about it, tonight is really more the end of the end for Newt. And now that his campaign is officially on its deathbed, he's ready to abandon it.

    You can't really blame voters for not being more psyched about Mitt Romney. He has all the personality of an electronic voting booth and all the excitement of a freshly starched suit.

    Romney 2012: Yeah, sure, I guess?

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