• Mitt Romney Dips His Toe into Marco Rubio's Immigration Plan

    Florida Senator Marco Rubio has the unenviable job of helping rally Hispanic voters for Mitt Romney. And after months of Romney trying to out-extreme his fellow candidates on the issue of illegal immigration, the two sure have their work cut out for them

    For months, Romney repeatedly sought to outflank his opponents on the issue: chiding Texas Gov. Rick Perry for favoring in-state tuition breaks for the children of illegal immigrants, vowing to veto the DREAM Act that would have allowed citizenship for certain students who joined the military or attended college, and suggesting that Arizona’s controversial approach to rooting out illegal immigrants could be "a model" for the nation.

    Romney's opposition to the DREAM Act is that it would create a special class of immigrants whose citizenship was fast-tracked, which is an uncharacteristically daring statement grounded in what appears to be an actual opinion.

    Rubio's own immigration plan, on the other hand, would decriminalize the status of illegal immigrants who join the military or enter college, and then put them on a list for citizenship behind legal immigrants. That sounds like something Romney would unequivocally support in an indeterminably vague way…

    "I’m taking a look at his proposal," he said. "It has many features to commend it, but it’s something that we’re studying."

    He said that before the November election he would lay out "a whole series of policies" on immigration, adding that "how we adjust our visa program to make it fit the needs of our country is something I’ll be speaking about down the road. But I don’t have anything for you on that at this stage."

    That was close. For a moment it looked like he was going to get behind a plan of action. It's much too soon in the game to be doing that. Even President Obama knows it takes at least one full term before you can really start to say what you think.

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