• Fox News' Monica Crowley Knows Funny!

    Here is how humor works, in case you were wondering: You wait for someone that you don't like for arbitrary ideological reasons to do something, and then when they do, you call them gay! BAM! Instant funny!

    This was all laid out in Aristotle's Poetics dozens and dozens of years ago, as I'm sure you know

    Fox News political and foreign affairs analyst Monica Crowley reacted to a report that Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke got engaged to her boyfriend by tweeting: "To a man?"

    Following criticism of her on Twitter, Crowley wrote: "I love exposing the Left's total lack of a sense of humor."

    OMG! I get! Hahahahaha!

    You see, the big accusation against Sandra Fluke was that she was defending a woman's right to health care-provided birth control because she had sex with so many men that she couldn't afford all the birth control pills she needed because that is how birth control works.

    So she must be a lesbian!

    Classic humor joke, Monica Crowley! Classic humor joke!

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