• Marco Rubio Pulls a Biden During Foreign Policy Speech [VIDEO]

    Maybe Marco Rubio is vice president material after all. While speaking to the Brookings Institution today in what was billed as a major speech for the up-and-coming political star, Rubio abruptly stopped when he discovered he was missing the last page of his speech.


    Speaking to influential conservative think tanks, bolstering his foreign policy credentials, making embarrassing public errors — Rubio is really pushing hard for this VP slot. It's not quite a Joe Biden-level gaffe, but it's up there.

    Fortunately, Sen. Joe Lieberman was there to hand off the missing page (and teach Rubio what it's like to be an unsuccessful vice presidential candidate).

    Ironically, Rubio once insulted President Obama by calling him "the most articulate and talented teleprompter reader in America." Maybe Rubio should just learn to stop worrying and love the teleprompter.

    If nothing else, this whole incident is another reminder that we still don't know much about Marco Rubio. Not only is he a blank page, but he also tries to read off them.

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