• GOP VP Options Narrowed Down from "Everyone" to "Most People"

    Are you on Mitt Romney's short list of vice presidential nominee options? Probably not, but actually maybe. Let's just say not as bad as you might have thought and leave it at that

    The Romney campaign is considering about 20 names for the presumptive GOP candidate's vice presidential slot, said top campaign adviser and former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu.

    "I know that the bowl has about 19 or 20 little folded pieces of paper in it, and they keep shaking the bowl," Sununu told reporters in New Hampshire Monday.

    Some quick advice in case it turns out that your name is in that bowl: They're probably going to make you fight for the  nomination in some way. Rob Portman is slow and has bad knees, so make him work; he'll tire himself out. Rubio will be tougher, but he's mesmerized by his own reflection; bring a pocket mirror.

    If it turns out you get thrown into the pit with Chris Christie… Well, just make sure your family affairs are in order.

    Photo by Mark Lyons/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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